2 Mobile SEO Mistakes Every Marketer Should Avoid Making

  1. Slow loading page

Page speed holds the number one position as a ranking factor when it comes to mobile searches. Page speed helps in improving the organic rankings and also keeps your visitors satisfied and returning for more. If the website takes more than 3 seconds to load, the visitors immediately abandons the site. And when you have a high rate of page abandonment, it affects your Google ranking. This can be done by minimizing redirects, server response times, image size, etc.

  1. Unplayable video content

According to top digital marketing agencies, Video is the new trend in digital marketing. Before you add any type of video content, consider:

  1. If the video will slow down the load time
  2. If the embedded video can be played on all major devices.

Some videos cannot be played on certain devices because they need Flash to run. If the video is unplayable, it frustrates your user and affects your mobile SEO efforts. So, always include video and animated content with the help of HTML5 standard tags and include transcript of videos if possible. Google favors the website which are easily indexable when you make the website easily accessible to the users.

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