Advertising Design in Modern Social Existence

I Introduction

Advertising design in modern social existence, plays an essential role. It’s lengthy transcended its marketed function and communicate information, much more of a cultural heritage continues to be given a people carrier of meaning. Society, more colorful advertising made to show a persons spirit using their social roles. Recently there has been some personalized advertising media, for example hair advertising, behavior advertising, they seem in people’s eyes, as though the individual’s face, with individuals around the TV, searching toward the entire process of transmitting information, with individuals thinking communication and resonance. This book mainly begin with the brief good reputation for advertising to be able to allow learners to deeply comprehend the evolution of advertising and it is relationship using the current social development, and advertising design in the current position within the social and economic existence.

II Advertising technique of appealing and a focus

Because the advertising popular saying: individuals who start noticing your ad, this means that the products become unattainable half. So, from the consumer mental perspective, advertising can attract the interest of shoppers may be the mental grounds for its success. If consumers focus on watching tv ads, thinking the data provided within the literature, etc., and advertising design includes a great relationship. Therefore, in the style of advertisements to draw in the interest of shoppers to bear in mind once the following points:

1. Appropriate quantity of advertising information

2. Novel and different method of advertising

3. Reduce information variance

4. While using language characteristics of memory

III Brand Design

Design may be the looks for that media business, the company concept, cultural identity. Services, code of conduct along with other abstract concepts, through organized, systematic, identification from the unity of design, into easily absorbed through the public of visual symbols, to convey the company message way of identification. Advertising design may be the objective grounds for brand management, customer prepared to accept if no exterior visual image of the trademark, it’s impossible to steer customers through purchasing products, calibration of products towards the overall perception of the trademark positioning and customer benefits, brand operations and for that reason meaningless. Brand design concepts are because the following:

1. Easy and eye-catching, readable and memorable…

2. Avoid duplication

3. Name and emblem are Mutual Coordination

4. Respect for that customs

5. Good-searching and filled with personality the term graph

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