Exactly What Does an inactive Company Mean in Hong Kong?

Many foreign entrepreneurs who’ve setup a company in Hong Kong but haven’t really began their business operations frequently worry their company might be declared dormant in Hong Kong. Also all companies within the city must strictly follow the ongoing compliance needs due to recognise the business company directors or shareholders have to decide regarding their future plan of action and when no enterprise takes place, consider declaring the organization as dormant.

Legally, an inactive company in Hong Kong is really a business which doesn’t have any type of financial transactions throughout a given year. Transactions might be any type of payments to make to providers, payments receivable, any type of expenses incurred while operating the company etc. However, it doesn’t have an expense that is mandatory for an organization by Ordinance. Obviously it ought to be noted when the organization has already established any accounting transactions regarding purchase or purchase of any sort of asset or perhaps liabilities for the reason that situation the organization isn’t regarded as an inactive company.

As reported by the companies ordinance in Hong Kong, a business can become dormant whether it authorizes its company directors to help make the necessary statutory declaration and simultaneously give a duplicate of this declaration to the organization registrar within the city. When a company continues to be formally declared dormant, its ongoing compliance needs also change effective immediately. Dormant companies don’t have to file annual returns or don’t have to hold annual general conferences or appoint auditors. However, they’re still needed to file for their annual tax or profits return using the concerned government bodies and within the timeframe permitted for filing taxes.

Foreign business proprietors who’re still not prepared to start their business activities and wish to research more available on the market are frequently advised to join up an agent office first. Otherwise when they simply add a private limited company but have no type of transactions next, their company might have to be declared dormant. Obviously when they incur expenses while researching the Hong Kong market or conduct marketing activities, then their clients are not considered as dormant and could continue as always.

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