How Can We Ensure Safety In Virtual Agm? 

With the advancement in technology, crimes have also increased, intruders misuse the data, and the data’s confidentiality is lost. If big business tycoons’ confidential data reach the wrong hands, it can damage the company in many ways. Video calls can be easily hacked by using the viewers/users’ IP addresses, and the hacker can watch the live chats without letting you know.


So how can we ensure safety in virtual meetings? By using a reliable and secure webcast service, we can ensure a secured Virtual AGM. Webcast companies make sure that no interruptions occur during the meeting. 


What do webcast companies do? 

● They restrict the entries in the meeting. If someone wishes to join the meeting, they must pre-register for the event. Unique login ids are given to every individual so that duplicate entries can be prevented. 

● You can join the Virtual AGM from anywhere at your ease. 

● You can easily keep track of every minute detail like the number of participants that joined, were invited to the meeting, for how long each participant stayed, and much. 

● The interaction between its participants is not interrupted at all. The participants are provided with facilities like texts, votes, hand raise, and so much so that the meeting can proceed without disturbance.  

● They manage the whole meeting by themselves so that you can experience the best service. The quality is never compromised. 


How many participants can be added? 

Unlike WhatsApp video calls the webcasting has no limits. You can add any number of participants to the meeting. Is the quality of the video call affected? Even if thousands of participants are added, the quality won’t go down. We have observed people tend to lose interest as soon as the quality is degraded. Thus with better quality, you can enjoy good participation. 

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