How Safe Is Storing Data in SAP Cloud Solutions?

Based on whom you ask, storing data within the cloud is either dangerous or perfectly safe. Recent threats, like the OpenSSL Heartbleed vulnerability along with a cyber-espionage threat dubbed “Dragonfly,” help remind us that cloud security is definitely an ongoing process. Fortunately, organizations for example Symantec, outdoors Data Center Alliance, and SAP take cloud security seriously.

For instance, Symantec’s O3 platform is really a single sign-on system that “enforces access control policies across web applications” whilst applying risk management and compliance measures across SaaS applications.

Outdoors Data Center Alliance is really a consortium of leading global IT organizations created to “speed the migration to cloud-computing by enabling the answer and repair ecosystem to deal with IT needs using the greatest degree of interoperability and standards.”

Based on Dolphin Enterprise Solutions Corporation, a SAP solutions provider, SAP offers numerous tools to assist companies run SAP solutions on private cloud architectures. Dolphin was the very first company to include SAP data and document archiving strategies into cloud storage using its Content Archive Service for Cloud. A reverse phone lookup functions like a “cloud connector” which connects data in the SAP archiving layer to major public cloud providers for example Google Cloud or Amazon . com S3. With cloud storage costing about 10 % of traditional archiving using on-premises hardware, storing SAP data within the cloud makes financial sense — but could it be safe?

A great deal depends upon the cloud provider you select. Should you decide on a cloud provider that doesn’t prioritize security, doesn’t use secure transport mechanisms, doesn’t use file encryption, doesn’t have a properly-defined security policy, and doesn’t possess a secure facility, your computer data is going to be in danger. However, should you decide on a cloud provider who prioritize security, does use secure transport mechanisms, does use file encryption, comes with a properly-defined security policy, does manage a secure facility, and it is constantly monitoring for threats and searching for methods to improve the safety of their cloud services, your computer data is going to be much safer. If you would like increased reassurance, you can store your SAP archived data inside a private cloud run by your personal IT team.

SAP has additionally addressed cloud security concerns. Based on the SAP Business Innovation blog, a few of the common concerns with storing data within the cloud include: access control, hacking, and infections (1). Observe that many of these concerns will also be concerns that surround on-premises storage. Your blog publish continued to describe that cloud storage providers have responded with the addition of firewalls, while using latest file encryption technologies, and taking advantage of specialized anti-virus and cloud security tools to safeguard data kept in their clouds.

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