How to pick marijuana strain 

Hillside Natural Wellness Anchorage Marijuana Dispensary sells various strains of marijuana which you should be aware of. The strain which you pick will depend on the effect of your desire. There is a various medical use for marijuana but there are certain strains that tend to be better than the others for particular conditions.

The following are some of the most common marijuana strains: 

Acapulco gold

It originates from the Acapulco in Mexico and is a well-known and highly regarded strain of cannabis. It has great  energizing, euphoria-inducing effects. It is believed to reduce fatigue, pain, stress, and nausea.

Blue dream

The blue dream is a soothing and relaxing strain but it is not very sedative. That is why it is great for easing cramps, pain, or inflammation when you don’t want to feel sleepy after taking it. Also, it is believed to lift the mood, giving you and euphoric feeling.

Purple kush

The purple kush is good for inducing a blissful state so that you can feel happy, relaxed, and sleepy. It is normally utilized in reducing muscle spasms and pain. It is quite sedating meaning you can use it to reduce insomnia

Sour diesel

A mood-lifting, and highly energizing, it is great for giving you a burst of energy that is quite productive. It is very distressing and at the same time has effects on pain-relieving.

Bubba kush

It is a strain that is  good for relaxing and sleep-inducing. It is great to help you in fighting insomnia and get some sleep. It is known to offer stress-relieving and pain-inducing results.

Granddaddy purple

It is another strain that is highly relaxing. It is normally praised for its stress-reducing and insomnia-fighting results. When you use it, you will feel very hungry and have an increase in euphoria also, which is great if you don’t have an appetite

Afghan kush

It originates from the Hindu Kush Mountains which are found near the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is sleep-inducing and super-relaxing and thus, known to help you to feel hungry in case you experience low or no appetite adn it could  relieve pain.

LA confidential

It is another sleep-inducing and relaxing strain that is often utilized in soothing insomnia. It is believed to also have noticeable pain-reducing and anti-inflammatory effects, which causes it to be a favorite among those with chronic pain.

Maui Wowie

It is known to help you in feeling very relaxed, yet creative and energetic. It reduces fatigue as well, making it to be good for days when you require to be productive.

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