Is Print or Digital Advertising Better in my Business?

Companies can’t turn a blind eye to internet marketing being an option nowadays, but with regards to which platform to make use of, they should not just hop on the internet advertising bandwagon without considering what medium suits their audience for which they are attempting to achieve.

Individuals have been predicting the dying of print for a long time due to the digital media explosion, but that is not even close to true. Actually, around australia, IBISWorld estimates that more than the following five years, most ad spend (70%) it’s still allocated to offline advertising. Therefore it is not dependent on print overtaking digital, but digital becoming an extra medium to think about.

Do you know the benefits and drawbacks of print and digital advertising?

Print Advertising


– High engagement and powerful readership because of niche targeting

– The ad lasts as lengthy because the physical publication does


– Limited capability to distribute (but when creative enough, frequently goes viral)

– More costly to create

– Difficult to appraise the effectiveness with solid metrics

Digital (particularly online) Advertising


– Capability to achieve targets on the global scale

– Cheaper to create

– Solid metrics (like page views, quantity of subscribers, etc) causes it to be simpler to determine effectiveness


– Harder to create high engagement from relevant audience (ie. is visible by many people however the wrong people)

– Harder to construct trust

Word-of-mouth is gold

Like a business, you would like prospects to believe you – if you are beginning out, it’s building that trust. If you are established, you have to keeping it no matter what (it is so difficult to get back when lost!)

The format your word-of-mouth recommendation is available in (eg. testimonials in publications magazines, an internet-based reading user reviews) usually depends on where your targets spend time. Make certain you are advertising the best factor in the best place, geared to your audience.

Here are a few stuff you can think about to assist with strategy:

1. Where will they spend many of their time intensive information online?

2. That do they trust most within the areas will be able to help?

3. How do i influence who they trust concerning the areas I’m able to help?

So with regards to print or digital, this will depend in your audience – mix it if relevant! There’s so many choices in advertising avenues that you need to simply sit lower and compare all of your options alongside one another together with your target audience in your mind. It’s difficult to understand whether you are making the best decision obviously, due to there being almost a lot of options nowadays.

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