Photo Booths Made Picture Clicking Easier, Faster, And Better

We all live in a world driven and dependent on the internet and our mobile phones. Whenever we want to click a photo we take out our mobile phones and snap random moments or self-portraits. Two decades ago photography was not so easy and quick. But, they had photo booths to help them click their photos without a huge arrangement.

The invention of mobile phones and the internet has helped us a lot. We can do many things with just one click with ease and simplicity. They have made our lives more uncomplicated and fast. Everything is available and possible with the help of the internet. We can do most of our professional work through the internet and our mobile phones by just sitting in our homes.

But mainly, mobile phones have made photography very reachable and convenient. We can click a thousand pictures through the camera of our mobile phone and it all gets stored in the memory card of the mobile phone. We can also click our self-portraits, famously known as selfies with just one click. There are even multiple photo booth apps available on our mobile phones nowadays.

But in the 90s or even the 2000s photography was not so easy. There were no mobile phones available with an in-built camera at that time. The mobile phones or mostly the telephones available were only useful for calling. So people had to buy themselves a personal camera to capture their happy moments.

These cameras were very expensive and everyone couldn’t afford them. So many people used to rent cameras for a day and two days. And they had to arrange the perfect pose with many people to get just one click as they couldn’t waste the film on multiple blurry photos. With cameras, you couldn’t click multiple photos as you might be wasting an expensive film.

What Exactly Is A Photo Booth? 

photo booth is a life-size or slightly bigger machine that clicks automatic photos of people. It is the size of a small cubicle where you can go inside and click a limited number of photos with your friends or family or alone. This machine works on a coin basis. You have to put a coin in a slot in the machine. Only then you can click photos of yourself inside. Once you get inside the photo booth the timer goes off and you can click around five photos.

Mostly these photo booth were present at birthday parties, casual parties, malls, or even on the streets two decades ago. They were popular at that time as they were the only option people had to get their photos clicked. People enjoyed going to the photo booth to get their pictures clicked.

It was a fun activity to enjoy with your friends. You could just click funny and silly pictures with your family or your friends at a party. In the 90s people used to make queues at a photo booth to get their photos captured at parties or the malls.

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