Stainless steel tube grades

Stainless Steel Tube is a type of tube used in different applications. There are different grades to be chosen from. All stainless steel materials are made through hot rolled or cold drawn conditions. In other words, they are made either as electric resistance welded or seamless pipes. The different grades and standards offer the buyer to select from different requirement ranges.

The grading is often by the material composition, making and the application requirements. There are austenitic and ferritic types, there are magnetic and non-magnetic variations and precipitation hardened grades as well. The 300 series contains 17-25% of chromium in its content, which makes it very highly resistant against chloride corrosion stress cracking. In addition, the 300 series also has 8-25% nickel in it. These alloy materials together make up some high mechanical properties such as the yield strength. The grades in this category are also non-magnetic. Then there is the precipitation hardened types which are solution heat treated to a very high temperature and then allowed to cool down rapidly in the rate of air cooling. The grades of this category have very high tensile strength and can be used in applications which require high strength. There are 400 series magnetic grades and low carbon versions as well. The stainless steel seamless tube is used in any application that requires precise dimensions and that cannot employ welding. Since the seamless tubes are not welded during manufacturing, they are precise in dimensions. The price of ss 304 tube make it one of the first choices in relevant applications.

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