Want Your Messages to stay Private? Learn about Privnote

Technology has been advancing with high strides. It has brought a lot of benefits, along with the negatives. Nowadays hacking into a person’s private files is not a big deal. Cyber crimes have been on the rise. Hackers can get into a person’s devices with no issue. Messages that need to stay private can be leaked to the world, in minutes. Privacy is at a risk in our modern world.

But every problem has a solution. Privnote has brought an excellent solution to protect a person’s private messages.

Privnote is a web service that provides its users to send a private note to anyone, without being worried about the message being leaked or hacked by any malicious person.

All of us have messages that are personal or private to us and we might need to share them with a close friend or family member. Sharing of private messages without any worries has been made possible by a web service called Privnote.

Privnote allows its users to send a private note, to another party, without it being intercepted by any malicious force. After sending the message, the recipient once reads the note, and it gets destroyed. So, these are self-destroying notes. Even the recipient cannot read the note a second time.

So how do Privnote works?

After writing a private note, using the services of Privnote, the sender of the message will get a link. This link can be copied and then pasted on the email or any other messaging service and sent to the recipient.

The receiver gets the message link and clicks on the link. As soon as he/she clicks on the link and reads the message, the link gets automatically destroyed. The recipient cannot read the message a second time.

In case the sender of the private note wants to modify how many times the receiver of the note can read the message, he/she can do so. Privnote has such services also. So the user can set a time interval for the deletion of the message. Even if the note is destroyed by the recipient of the message, it can be retrieved as many times, till the time for removal of the message is completed.

After a user sends a private message using Privnote, but it has not been retrieved by the receiver of the note, the note gets automatically destroyed after 30 days.

Privnote allows its users to know when their private messages are being read by the person, to whom the message has been sent. As soon as the note is read, an email, saying the note has been read, is sent to the correspondent of the message. This email also means that the link to the note has been destroyed. Hence, the sender can be assured that his private messages are not being read by anyone else, other than the person for whom it is intended for.

For those who want to send private notes without leaving behind any record of it, Privnote is one such web service, that they can try. It’s easy to use and any message can be sent via this service.

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