What is the Lifespan of Custom Web Designs?

It is important to know that custom web design v/s just off the shelf template difference doesn’t only lie with the software but in the design aspect too. This is because of the nature of design and others is due to the nature of how these themes are accumulated and put together. In simple words, a custom design built by a web design agency will have a longer lifespan that a website merely designed by template.

This is because firstly, custom designs are tightly integrated with your corporate branding and aesthetic that you will least likely go for a wholesale redesign instead of going for a occasional refresh or a cleanup. Corporate branding usually don’t change much and when it does, it is usually connected with an important imitative. These don’t come up very often and the custom corporate website designs tend to last for a longer time.

Secondly, these designs are themed by installing a CMS in a clean and lightweight manner. Off the shelf theme are heavy, needs a lot of code built on the base installations of the core software adding software libraries to help their functionality. Due to the scale of the solutions, after some time, the themes that are broken before deploying are not reparable.

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