What To Think About Before Becoming a Riding Instructor

If you love horses and want to share your passion for the creatures with other people, a job as a riding instructor could be ideal for you. While teaching people the proper technique for riding and showing them how to provide basic care to their mounts, you get to spend the day doing something you love. However, there is some preparation needed to turn this job into a successful career. Think about these three things to decide if this is the career path for you.

You Need Calm Horses

Just like people, horses have different temperaments and personalities, and some of them are not cut out to be steady mounts for beginning riders. You can’t start giving riding lessons just because you own horses; you must have at least one dependable mount that doesn’t; spook easily and follows instructions.  It is also important to remember that you need more than one suitable horse if you want to draw in enough clients to make a career out of being a riding instructor. A single horse will need time to rest between lessons, so make sure you have several dependable mounts in your stable. You should also invest in equine liability insurance in case your horses accidentally injure one of your riders.

You Need Patience

It often takes time to teach new riders the basics of horsemanship, and you may have to mention rules and explain techniques multiple times. If you want to be a horseback riding instructor, you need plenty of patience so you don’t get annoyed with your clients when you have to repeat yourself. This can be especially challenging if your clients are usually young children and you have to repeat everything you say frequently. You may want to practice relaxation techniques between lessons to make sure you can keep your cool regardless of what happens in each class.

You Need Clients

You won’t be very successful as a horseback riding instructor if you don’t have clients. You may be able to find enough clients through word-of-mouth advertising, but you may also need to share about your services on different social media platforms. You should also consider teaching adults in addition to children to expand your potential client base.

Becoming a horseback riding instructor is a worthwhile and rewarding career, but it does require some preparation. Before offering your services, make sure you have these three things so you can build a successful career.

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